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                  Industrial Oil Products

                  Industrial Oils

                  Rust Preventives

                  Dry Film Rust Preventives

                  DE Watering Fluid

                  Rust Preventives (Oily Type)

                  Oily Type Rust Preventives

                  Rust Converter

                  Rust Preventives (Oily Type) Rustant PP – 11, 13, 22, 55, 14, 14 SPL

                  Home/Industrial Oils/Rust Preventives (Oily Type) Rustant PP – 11, 13, 22, 55, 14, 14 SPL

                  Neat Cutting Oil

                  These are specially selected Lubricating oils, containing Soluble Corrosion inhibitors function type, can be applied by dipping, spraying or by brushing. Before applying, the surface should be cleaned and properly dried. As these oils works as lubricant also, compatible with other Lubricants need not be removed or wiped out.


                  Tashoil, the flaggship of Tashkent Group, having capacity to produce more than 200 Lac Litres of oil. More...


                  Sustainable growth with consistancy in quality promoting regular satisfied customers followed by continual. More...


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                  • Balmer Lawire -Van Leer Ltd.
                  • Indian Petro Chemicals Ltd.

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                  Tashkent Oil Company Pvt. Ltd.

                  84 - GIDC Industrial Estate Nandesari, District: vadodara - 391340, Gujarat (INDIA) | Phone : +91-265-3095368