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                  Industrial Oil Products

                  Refrigeration Compressor Oils Cooltash 15, 22, 32, 46, 68 & N – 46; N – 68

                  Home/Industrial Oils/Refrigeration Compressor Oils Cooltash 15, 22, 32, 46, 68 & N – 46; N – 68

                  COOLTASH Grades are formulated from specially selected wax free base stocks to provide low power, pour, low floc point, dryness, good chemical stability and ready solubility in liquefied refrigents. These are recommended for a wide range of refrigeration.

                  Neat Cutting Oil


                  COOLTASH – N grades have additional characteristic of low frcon floc point. These grades are recommended for the lubrication of hermatically sealed refrigeration compressors.


                  Tashoil, the flaggship of Tashkent Group, having capacity to produce more than 200 Lac Litres of oil. More...


                  Sustainable growth with consistancy in quality promoting regular satisfied customers followed by continual. More...


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                  Tashkent Oil Company Pvt. Ltd.

                  84 - GIDC Industrial Estate Nandesari, District: vadodara - 391340, Gujarat (INDIA) | Phone : +91-265-3095368