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                  Quenching Oils

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                  QUENCH TASH grades are premium quality fast quenching oils made out of highly refined best quality mineral oils order to judge its superiority over conventional quenching oils it is necessary to have brief idea about the theory of quenching.

                  • QUENCH TASH Q 70
                  • QUENCH TASH Q 60
                  • QUENCH TASH Q K
                  • QUENCH TASH Q 20
                  • QUENCH TASH Q 60 EP
                  • QUENCH TASH Q HOT

                  ? Theory of Quenching

                  Stages of Cooling:

                  When hot steel is quenched, it vapourzes some of the surrounding oil. A pocket of vapour insulates the steel from the liquid and retards the removal of heat. As the steel cools somewhat, there is a second stage in which the quenched part is in contact with violently boiling liquid and heat is removed rapidly. In the third stage liquid contact the cooling rate is slower.

                  Quenching Oil

                  ? Theory of Quenching

                  Conditions for Maximum Hardness and Minimum Distortion:

                  To develop maximum hardness the quenching oil should cool the steel as rapidly as possible during the first two stages (the critical hardening range). To minimize distortion and cracking, the oil should cool the steel slowely during third stage, and conventional mineral oils are too slow during the first two stages, "Quenchtash" cools steel at the desirable rate in each stage.

                  Effects of Agitation:

                  Mechanical agiation of the bath increases the quenching speed of conventional quenching oils by dispersing the blanket of insulating vapour and increasing the rate of heat transfer. However, there is a limit to the quenching speed and resultant hardness which can be obtained with agitation. Beyond that limit "Quenchtash" with moderate agitation is effective because of its fast quenching speed.


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