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                  Grease Products

                  Lubricating Grease

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                  ? Chassis Lubricating Grease:

                  This Grease is specially designed for chassis lubrication. A waterproof semi-fluid, adhesive grease for spring Shackles, king pins, steering bushes, etc. giving maximum protection from wear over long periods.

                  ? Wheel Bearing Grease:

                  This is a short fibre, high melting point, grease for the lubrication of wheel bearing, subject to high temperature. Can be used for the bisector assembly of the rear brakes on commercial vehicles.

                  ? Water Pump Grease:

                  This is a high melting point grease for engine water repellers. Also suitable for bearings, which run hot.

                  Lubricating Grease

                  ? Multi Purpose Grease

                  This is a lithilum soap grease suitable for all automotive work including chassis, wheel bearings, universal joints, water repellers, dynamo and starter motor bearings. The widely different properties which are required for this Applications are combined in this grease. Its great advantage is that it enables users to stock only one grade where many were previously required.

                  ? High Temp Grease:

                  This Grease is specially designed for high temperature operations where the grease dry out at 225oC but does not drop.

                  ? High Temp Synth Grease:

                  This can be operated above 300oC. This does not drop but starts drying at 300oC onwards


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