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                  Industrial Oil Products

                  Industrial Oils

                  Hydraulic Oil

                  Hydraulic Oil

                  Fire – Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

                  Hydraulic Oils (EP Series)

                  Hydraulic Oils (HLP Series)

                  Hydraulic Oils

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                  Hydrash - 32,           Hydrash - 150
                  Hydrash - 46,           Hydrash - 220
                  Hydrash - 68,           Hydrash - 320
                  Hydrash - 100,         Hydrash - 460

                  This mineral oil based HYDRAULIC FLUIDS which carries high grade additive for Antiwear. Different grade indicates its viscosity at 40°C.

                  As the name implies, they are especially treated to do an outstanding job of protecting parts against rust and to minimize Oil Oxidation.

                  All grades are manufactured from selected quality petroleum base stocks which are generally used for high priced Turbine Oils, which results heavy loads sustaining over longer periods.

                  Special Additives

                  Antiwear, Anti Oxidants, Anti Corrosive, Defoamer, Formulated long Chain Polymers to improve Viscosity Index for the application where a wide range of temperatures are encountered.

                  Neat Cutting Oil


                  Because of their Superior antiwear property “HYDRASH” Oils help to extend life significally in Vanes, gear and piston type hydraulic pumps. In a typical VICKERS PUMP test, in which HYDRASH - 46 was used as the medium, the test parts lost less then 0.001% of their weight after a 1,000 hour run at 175°F and under pressure of 1,000 PSI A FALEX WEAR TEST with HYDRASH-46 ended with 1/25 of the amount of wear that developed when comparable Oils were tested.

                  As general Lubricant

                  Can be effectively used for Boring lubricated by “Continuous use method” Electric Motors and generators Spindles Gear Boxes not requiring on EP type gear Oil.


                  Tashoil, the flaggship of Tashkent Group, having capacity to produce more than 200 Lac Litres of oil. More...


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                  Tashkent Oil Company Pvt. Ltd.

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