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                  Industrial Oil Products

                  Industrial Oils

                  Water Drawing Compound

                  Drawell - WD 145 / Wd 195

                  Drawell - WD 460

                  Drawell - WD 145 / Wd 195
                  Advanced Aluminum Wire Drawing Oil

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                  WD 145 / 195 has been recently developed by Tashkent for drawing pure aluminum and its alloys on high-speed slip machines. It is suited to all the major types of wire drawing machines today and has been developed keeping in mind the new international technology coming in India making our product competitive with imported oils.

                  Neat Cutting Oil

                  Performance Benefits

                  • The low viscosity of the oil makes sure the carryover loss is reduced to its minimum at all times of drawing, making the consumption of this oil very low as compared to other oils.
                  • Has been made keeping in mind the need for fast settlement of Aluminum Dust.
                  • The additives used make the oil have particular affinity for aluminum giving outstanding load carrying characteristics that helps to produce an excellent surface finish on the drawn wire.
                  • The wetting characteristics of the lubricant help to prevent dies becoming clogged with aluminum fines.
                  • The viscosity of ‘WD 580’ makes it suitable for use in climates with high ambient temperatures, and for drawing 5000 series alloys.


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