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                  Industrial Oil Products

                  Industrial Oils

                  Diesel Eng. Automotive Oils

                  Automotive Eng. Oil So 20

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                  Lubrash X – 3 10w

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                  Automotive Engine Oil So 20 W 40

                  Home/Industrial Oils/Automotive Engine Oil So 20 W 40

                  20 W 40 multigrade oils meeting the high performance level API SF for petrol engines and API CC for diesel engine oils. These also meet E-Pl2 / E-DL 1 performance level of is: 13656:1993 specifications.

                  These oils are made from high quality solvent-refined base stocks and selected additives which are carefully blended together to give multi grading suitable for ‘round the year service in most location in India.

                  Neat Cutting Oil

                  These oils have the following superior characteristics

                  • Excellent Oxidation stability and added protection against engine deposits, rust corrosion and wear.
                  • Quicker engine start and longer battery life.
                  • Longer service life - fewer oil drains.
                  • High degree of engine cleanliness.

                  20 W 40 is recommended for use in all petrol engines and especially for the high performance fuel efficient engines of vehicles.


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